Creating symmetry with furniture @ Suzanne Rheinstein's home

Georgian Oct 23, 2020

Image source: Suzanne Rheinstein's home in Los Angeles, CA

Imagine: An afternoon book club meeting with 2 on the sofa, and two on various chairs, sipping on some coffee and discussing a good book with the sun streaming in from the right.

This room strikes a great balance of honoring the symmetry that Georgian design is so known for, while also adding just enough details so that sides were not mirror images of each other. In Georgian style, symmetry is used to create balance, regality, and sophisticated feeling in each room. However, the subtle differences are important for the scenes to not look disconcertingly symmetrical. See the comparison below, where the painting is swapped out for one that is symmetrical, and the painting on the left coffee table is removed.

Existing: Subtle differences in symmetry
Altered: Symmetrical painting & picture removed

This motif is represented throughout the rest of house as well - and notice the subtle differences in symmetry in each room.


If you like this style... I’ve helped you find some options to replicate the style.


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