Monochromatic Midcentury @ Jason Statham's Malibu home

Midcentury Modern Mar 29, 2021

Image source: Architectural Digest

Jason Statham of Fast and Furious bought an old 4,000 sqft surf house in Malibu in 2009 and embarked on a ground-up renovation. He did all the designing and furnishing himself! He has since sold the house to the next lucky residents.

"Living out in the woods, up in the mountains, or on the edge of the beach,” says Statham, “those precious places where you connect with nature—it's a real privilege.”

Midcentury modern, with a splash of Coastal

If you blocked out all the windows and couldn't see the unmistakable Pacific Ocean, you'd think this house was situated somewhere in Scandinavia. Statham opted for a very pure midcentury modern interior, favoring vintage style pieces throughout the home. The minimal approach, sparse storage units, and chairs that I question long term seating comfort for, are all suitable for a weekend home. I believe a primary residence would have a bit in the space. Anyways, knowing this, let's continue.

Jason Statham's Monochromatic Midcentury Malibu home - office

Typically a coastal styled interiors have blue hues, woven items, more cushion-y relaxed seating, and some amount of shelled creatures either through photos or real decor. This home touches on these coastal vibes subtly through the outdoor styled rugs, woven dining table chairs and bedroom bench, but also beautifully through these large format vintage coastal prints above the office console table. I appreciate that although Statham wanted to take the design approach of his choice inside, he throws in these touches.

Being situated right on the beach has a multitude of benefits. One of the drawbacks is that you're in a very moist environment. Once the sun sets, with all those big windows, some open, everything inside will quickly be coated in a layer of salty mist. Statham has clearly thought about this as evident with all the wooden floor panels and tiles. These are easy to wipe moisture off of though if not careful with the wood, over a long enough time could start warping. Hopefully the wood has a  water-proof coating. Another water-proofing method used is that the rugs are all of an outdoor/patio material, which is still stylish and fits the rest of the interior, but is again easy to clean- good play.

Fireplace decor

This reading room has an immediately noticeable unique characteristic - the full wall of firewood bordering the red brick fireplace. Though the look is quite eye-catching, I would have opted to use only the bottom shelf for logs, and style the top tiers of floating shelves with something else. At the moment, all those logs feel a little overbearing and anxiety inducing from the seating area to me.

While books may be quite a heavy lift, as Statham spoke about himself, light decor or family photos may be really nice touches. I'm imaging even the same style of pottery and black-and-white photography that Statham has used to style his bedroom and dining area would be a nice motif. It would depend how these rooms are interconnected though too. If they're very close together in the floorplan of the house, it may be too repetitive. Take a look at the comparison images I created below. Though missing the actual shelf items, you can get the sense of a lighter weight room.

Jason Statham's Monochromatic Midcentury Malibu home - reading room
Jason Statham's Monochromatic Midcentury Malibu home - reading room edited

Now try to imagine those shelves filled with the shelf decor from these two rooms.

Jason Statham's Monochromatic Midcentury Malibu home - dining room
Jason Statham's Monochromatic Midcentury Malibu home - bedroom

Monochromatic color scheme

By now you may have noticed that Statham has opted for a largely monochromatic color scheme. Typically I would suggest a few pops of color in each room but taking into account his location facing south on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, with the large windows, this white to gentle brown monochromatic color scheme boosts the ambiance. You can see in these photos the warm glow of every room, as the sun bounces around the cream-colored walls. There is no better room to experience the colors of the sky than the living room, with the full two walls of floor to ceiling windows.

Throughout the day, as the sun streams through the windows, the browns absorb the light to shown their beauty while the whites bounce the light around the house. I can only imagine that in the evening as the sun sets over the horizon, the orange-brown glow washing through the house, bringing all the beautiful colors of the furnishing with it as it floods through every room. I won't be able to do a true ocean sunset justice, but I have attempted to help you imagine what this room might look like below.

Jason Statham's Monochromatic Midcentury Malibu home - living room
Jason Statham's Monochromatic Midcentury Malibu home - living room edited

Statham makes few exceptions to this color scheme, two of which are the kitchen and the outdoor patio.

Jason Statham's Monochromatic Midcentury Malibu home - kitchen
Jason Statham's Monochromatic Midcentury Malibu home - patio

Standalone in these photos they look stunning but I can't help but wonder if it's at least mildly jarring moving through a house of soft, warm, soupy colors to the kitchen, confronted with such dark tones, absorbing much of the light in the room. The outdoor patio makes me wonder the same, coming from the living room of mostly white furniture to a patio of mostly black. Though I will say on the patio it plays into the paint colors of the house exterior well. Anyhow, with children and access to a beach, darker colors are probably a safer play 😝.

Needless to say, I have been thoroughly impressed with Stathman's impeccable midcentury modern taste throughout this house.

You can read Jason's own thought process behind the home in the Architectural Digest piece.

If you like this style... I’ve helped you find some options to replicate it in your own home.


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