Modern rustic interiors with vintage and tribal touches

Rustic Jan 20, 2021

Image source: Tribe Design Group portfolio

This post's content deviates slightly from my previous posts in that it is a compilation of several homes, rather than focused on just one. All the homes you'll see today are designed by the same interior design studio, Tribe. I just love their style, and they are so consistent with it that when I first saw their page I thought it was all one very large house! Rather than illustrating different artistic choices like I usually do (see latest reading room post as an example), I want to just walk through their design details.

Tribe designs very modern rustic interiors with layouts, furniture, and a color palette resembling much of what we typically see in this style. However, they add one touch that is unique from others: a few decorative pieces in each room that are, or imitate, vintage or tribal styles. There are three specific elements that Tribe uses consistently in a standout way:

  1. A vintage mirror as the focal point of the bathroom
  2. Decorative antique and tribal pieces on floating wall shelves
  3. Wall and countertop styling

1. ย Antique mirrors

The bathrooms were what initially caught my attention. The smooth, shiny surfaces of vanities, especially the floating ones, are of the typical elegance found in modern bathrooms. However, all except the bottom right (hold for that) boast a bold centerpiece mirror. The rusty gold and shiny black pipes draw the eye to the mirrors, allowing the rest of the bathroom's decor to revolve around it. Even the dark toned bathroom, the dark vanity blends in with the dark wallpaper while the light brings attention to the mirror. And lastly, the bottom right bathroom, while not using the same techniques, still draws the eye to mirror level with the fun low hanging pendant lights. These light "shades" tap into the tribal toolbox using a woven natural material, not typically seen in pendant lights. ย 

Tribe Group Antique Mirror Bathroom1
Tribe Group Antique Mirror Bathroom2
Tribe Group Antique Mirror Bathroom3
Tribe Group Antique Mirror Bathroom4

2. Tribal & antique shelf decorations

What I love about these two wall shelves, and their usage in the bar area, is that there is just enough placed on the shelves for a viewer to find something new and interesting at each glance, but not enough to feel overbearing, like storage shelves. As anyone who has lived in the same place for more than a year knows, it is difficult to keep a shelf looking so neat and untouched though! Amidst a modern foundation of shelves and cabinetry, I really enjoy the tributes to past times mixed in with modern glassware. From the sepia photos and tribal relics in the left photo, to the Bowie record in the right photo, scanning these shelves feels like flashing through periods of history.

Tribe Group Antique Tribal Shelf Decorations1
Tribe Group Antique Tribal Shelf Decorations2

3. Wall and countertop decorations

Walls are pretty hard to find the right balance of decoration and breathing space. In the following examples, Tribe has used pretty interesting ways to draw the viewers eyes up. The first row of images showcases how they have used wallpaper (that looks quite custom actually), and large commissioned artwork of a dog to bring in interesting backdrops that are not overwhelming. I love the large black and white pointer dog. It's such an unexpected item to have as the backdrop of a bar but it works really well. The second row takes advantage of the vertical space and shapes to place tribal relics that ask the viewer to pay attention to the details as their eyes scan upwards. The two wooden sculptures framing the sink seem to be keeping watch of the kitchen. They too are quite unexpected in a kitchen setting!

Tribe Group Wall Decorations1
Tribe Group Wall Decorations2
Tribe Group Wall Decorations3
Tribe Group Wall Decorations4

Overall, if you are trying to add some more centerpieces or mix up the modern decor, try getting some inspiration from these designs. I sure will!

If you like this style... Iโ€™ve helped you find some options to replicate the pieces found in this interior.


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