Spanish diamond in the rough

Spanish Feb 23, 2021

Image source: Single family home in San Antonio, TX

This property image looks quite different from my other posts that have polished interiors and furnishings. But I couldn't resist writing about this diamond in the rough and imagine the possibilities. Perhaps one day I'll do a part two to this post with some 3D renderings of possible interiors 🤔. The house is also currently pending so maybe they'll update the listing with photos after it's restored and gets some love!

Anyhow, this home in San Antonio was designed in the 1920s and has very unique features:

  • Archways virtually everywhere throughout the house
  • Foyer arches propped up by roman style pillars
  • Balconies that scream Romeo and Juliet performances
  • Iron window guards along the staircase, iron arches above the doorways, and iron gates in the hall
  • Redondo tiles in the entryway, main foyer and kitchen

These features are quite atypical of a standard home and because of that, it can totally be a hit or a miss with the remodel. It will be tricky to style the home in a way that does the original spirit justice, but also makes the space homey and not feel like an event location or museum.

San Antonio Spanish construction foyer
San Antonio Spanish construction foyer
San Antonio Spanish construction foyer
San Antonio Spanish Home

The redondo tiles are one aspect that once polished and shining in an overall retouched house, are going to help the space really stand out. Imagine either the foyer or kitchen without these tiles. They drastically downgrade the character of the house. I think some of the tile patterns can be upgraded, but the spirit is there.

San Antonio Spanish Foyer With Tiles
Foyer with tiles
San Antonio Spanish Foyer Without Tiles
Foyer without tiles
San Antonio Spanish Kitchen With Tiles
Kitchen with tiles
San Antonio Spanish Kitchen Without Tiles
Kitchen without tiles

Some remodel ideas for the foyer:

  • Repaint all the walls in an light off-white that has a brown base
  • Repaint ceiling in a dark brown color
  • Install wooden beams in the vaulted ceiling either juxtaposing the curves, or working with them stylistically. By pulling attention to the ceiling and making it darker, it will artificially lower the ceiling to create a cozier foyer.
  • With the same dark brown as the ceiling, paint a border around the arches and paint the pillars the same color.
  • It's a little hard to properly furnish this room since there are entrances/exits from nearly all sides, but you can imagine a loose but cozy center arrangement of sofas, sitting on top of a dark patterned area rug.
  • If possible, perhaps from beams if installed, hang a low chandelier down to the center of the room, above this couch area.

Some remodel ideas for the kitchen:

  • Repaint the bottom cabinetry in forrest green with an off-white top cabinetry.
  • And a backsplash of floral patterned redondo tiles to tie them together. You can find some examples of this done well in a recent Twitter thread I posted.
  • Perhaps use that same backsplash tiling as the base of the island
  • Reinstall a smaller, more compact range hood above the stove
  • Re-polish hardwood floors

All in all, I think this 4bd/4ba has a lot of potential, and look forward to lurking on this zillow to see what the new owners do with it!

If you like this style... I’ve helped you find some options to replicate the pieces found in this interior.


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