Using lighting to create cozy spaces @ The Lofthouse

Industrial Oct 11, 2020

Image source: The Lofthouse in Austin, TX

Imagine: A perfect Sunday morning sitting on the far couch, reading a book to the tune of soft french cafe music, while housemates splash around in the 50ft lap pool outside.

This home has an industrial skeleton, which you can see from the high lofted ceilings, exposed piping and exposed beams on the ceiling, concrete floors, and metal framed railings, staircase, windows, and doors. Industrial spaces tend to have a colder, emptier vibe, but you don't get that sense here. That's because our Β host has paid particular attention to two things:

  1. Using lighting to create cozy sections of each room
  2. Committing to a warm clay color palette.

We'll talk about the first point, lighting, in this post.

The main room is an open layout living and dining space. It is very airy, so suspended lights can be used to create a perceived lower ceiling. The track lights here is a great example. With lights, the couch area feels intimate. Without, it feels just a tad too exposed.

Existing: With lights
Altered: Without track lights

Another example is the dining area, which is off to the right of the couches in the above image, and behind the couches in the below image.


Using a close-up of this area, you'll notice that with the low hanging pendant lights, the area feels purposeful. The lights anchor the area, and give emphasis to the location of the dining table. Without the lights, the table and chairs feel out of place.

Dining room with overhead lights
Dining room without overhead lights

The feature I would change about this area are the chairs. They look and feel more like office desk chairs than dining ones.

Overall, for a very large open space, this interior utilizes lighting extremely well to create sections of the room that each have their own purpose.

If you like this style...I’ve helped you find source some options to replicate the style.


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