Using earth tones to create a peaceful retreat @ The Willow House

Rustic Oct 11, 2020

Image source: The Willow House, designed by Sova Studio

Imagine: A light dusting of snow on the trees with a flutter of flakes blowing by outside as you and a group of friends gather around the couches telling stories by the glow of the fireplace.

Peaceful. Thatโ€™s overwhelmingly how this home makes me feel, and that feeling is created by the brilliant use of colors. The overall tone is earthy, and is a bow at the nature just beyond the windows.

I love the subtle hints of blue through the painting, armchairs, and the vase on the dining table. Itโ€™s just enough to bring in a bit of pop to the rest of the earthy color palette. Imagine this room without those blues - feels like itโ€™s missing some vibrance right?

Existing: With blue accents
Altered: Without blue, keeping the grey tones

The dark trim on the windows and french doors on the far wall draw your attention up towards the ceiling for an expansive, airy feeling in the space. Without the stark contrast to the wall, the windows would not command nearly as much attention.

Existing: Dark trim on windows
Altered: Lighter paint on the window trims

The soaring windows allow the full majesty of the trees to be experienced from inside. Though this isn't necessarily related to the color palette, humor me on this exercise: what if the top half of those windows didn't exist?

Existing: Windows all the way up the a-line roof shape
Altered: Windows only along the ground level

Because the windows let in so much of the surrounding landscape, I'd argue the designer has left the job of the green from the color palette to the trees outside. For example, take the living area, closest to the windows - green would not work here as well as the blue currently does. The harmony with the trees seems to be better when the colors collaborate, not coincide. ย 

Existing: Soft blue hues in the living room
Altered: Green hues in its place

Overall this house combines the best of rustic and minimalist design into a home that feels in harmony with its surroundings. I appreciate that there is minimal foliage inside the house, such that the space is a tribute to the great outdoors, and respects its boundary.

If you like this style... Iโ€™ve helped you find some options to replicate the style.


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