Using curvature to evoke relaxation @ Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba's vacation home in Lecce.

Italian Nov 1, 2020

Image sources: From Dwell and Twitter

People are generally more drawn to rounded shapes, soft corners, and curves, than to straight lines or hard edges. This home is a great representation of what those softer features do to a space. The architect duo Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba created this vacation home for themselves out of an old 17th century mill in a small village just outside Lecce, Italy.


I love how much the barrel vaulted ceilings add to the experience of this room. The light streaming in from windows on both sides of the ceiling bounce around in random ways that create beautiful shapes and a unique sense of depth down the tunnel room. This tunnel shape also makes the room feel airy, breezy, and light.

The curved shape is repeated throughout this space for emphasis via the coffee tables, ceiling light, vases, and mirror on the far wall. The curved coffee table and soft textured couches feel inviting and relaxed. The rectangular area rugs with their square pattern, echo the couches' shape, while also serving as a juxtaposition of the rest of the curves in a subtle way. The room then doesn't feel overbearing in curves and rounded shapes.


The only element that feels a little of out of place are the french doors on the right. The thick trims and strict grid are very much at odds with the looser curves used otherwise in the room. I think it would have been a great touch to play into the curves again, and use arched or radius french doors like the image below. With a white trim, I think these doors would feel much more harmonious with the rest of the design, and make the entrance/exit feel like a natural extension from the tunnel interior.

Image from Riviera Bronze house on Houzz

If you like this style... I’ve helped you find some options to replicate the pieces found in this interior.


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